15 Types Of Sex, From Awful To Awesome (18+)

Sex can be great and can be awful the same time, which depends on who you’re with. I have heard people say sex is overrated, and other people try to explain why it isn’t overrated, and most of the times, people have blamed their partners for their awful sexual experience.
It’s like saying Jollof rice isn’t so great, not only will you get mugged when you say such, you’ll probably lose friends as well. The best response to such person is to ask them who made the rice they ate. We believe it tastes great when it is party jollof rice which is usually made from firewood.
Back to where we’re, sex can be awful and can be great, depending on who you’re with, the place and the position. So, it’s a lot more technical than straight forward.
According to experience, here are the ranking of the worst sex to the really good ones as compiled by Meagan Drillinger, Thrillist.
15. Sex on the beach
It sounds nice and very adventurous to a large extent, and from the movies, it’s the probably the best place to have sex but in terms of practicality, its downright the worst to have sex.
Movies make it look so cool but then again movies make everything cool, like one guy taking on 10 guys at the same time. Sand gets into some of the most uncomfortable places at the beach, and that’s where you want to bone eachother?
Guys! It’s a bad idea, leave that idea to the movies where illusion thrives not practicality (Can’t believe I used that word again)
14. Shower sex
Another sex that is largely advertised as one of the best from romantic comedy movies to porn. The level of difficulty of this is insane, it might look easy when you’re watching it but its more stressful to do for real. Water isn’t a lubricant per say so, its difficult and you stand the risk of serious injury or even death just because you’re trying to have awesome sex as seen in movies.
13. First-time sex with a new person
This is bound to be awkward either ways, even when you’ve discussed it before or not. Because sex is a personal thing, and everyone has their preference, it might be a bit of back and forth to settle on how to align routines amongst yourselves. Until that has been resolved, the sex is bound to be awful.
12. First-time sex
You might have prepared yourself psychologically for this, all your plans will go out the window when the moment hits. No one scores great the first time they have sex.
11. Role-play sex
Everyone says role-play sex is cool, which might be true if that’s what you’re into else it might be very awkward especially if your partner isn’t into it, then it will be very awkward.
This sex allows you to see if your partner can be successful as an actor because the whole sex is premised on her being someone else. If your partner is a good actor, then it’ll be awesome else it will be so awful you might never want to remember it.
10. Sex in a public place
Second of all, the prize for getting caught with your pants down isn’t something cool like a trip to Disneyland or a pet dragon. It’s just embarrassing and possibly incriminating. And while sex isn’t anything to be ashamed of at all, this situation seems more like an anxiety attack than a reason to get off.
This gets exciting because of the risk of being caught, and have I mentioned that it is illegal to have sex in public space. It’s a criminal offence, but for the fun seekers, it can be so interesting. It’s all too risky which is the thrill that it gives to the people involved. You be the judge of if it’s awful or awesome.
9. The quickie
A lot of people love quickie, but that’s because their partners are wired for such. Here is what I mean, some ladies take quite a while to get into the fray, to get excited down there. If she takes a while to get excited down there, a quickie might not be the best idea.
Some ladies take 20 minutes of foreplay to get into the mood, while guys just need between 5 to 7 minutes. so it’s more favorable to the guy. One more reason for her to fake an orgasm so the guy can feel good about himself.
8. Goodbye sex
Like the Boys II Men song, it’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Goodbye sex can be very good depending on what it can be. If it’s a break-up sex after a long relationship or with the girl you spent your vacation with far away from home. Asides from the fact that you can be teary eyed while doing it, there can emotion overload here.
It can also be filled with so much passion, which makes it even more awesome.
7. Make-up sex
This is one awesome kind of sex, perhaps the reason why some people fight their partner because of the great sex that follows.
The desire and excitement that comes with orgasms that arise from make-up sex can have such tremendous effect on the world. Imagine having a happy woman, and how she can spread the happiness to everyone she meets because of the orgasm from a make-up sex.
6. Morning sex
This is one of the best sex you can have because there isn’t any pressure, you both just woke up and decided to be freaky, also there is also a big chance that you’ve had sex last night, so this one can be special. Unless your partner has a case of smelly mouth, it should be an exciting experience.
It definitely makes your day better when you’ve gotten some in the morning before your day begins.
5. Buzzed sex
Sex while buzzed is a great one, the chemical courage allows you to be the kind of person you want to be. The mind to be a better love. It’s no doubt one of the best sex.
4. Cheating sex
Humans are inherently bad, and we all strive to do what is right, but wrong things are also so good. Cheating is bad, but the experience can be absolutely out of this world, and guess why? Because it’s totally frowned upon. It’s like when you’ve been told to stop ice cream and pizza for 3 months, and you’ve gone over 2 and half months abstaining then you cheat the schedule, it tests so much better because it is allowed.
You get it right?
   (Meet Green)
3. Hotel sex
I think the appeal for hotel sex comes from the new environment, it boosts the confidence level and it seems like something different or maybe its also open to calling for food in bed or any other thing  without leaving the room to get it yourself. Sex in a hotel feels so great.
2. Love sex
Having sex when in love is called something else, making love because it is no longer that act but rather a showing of love to your partner. The gazing into the eye of the lover, the kissing of the neck, up the wall romance makes more sense here. It’s the absolutely interesting.
1. Breakup sex
Maybe it is because it’s supposed to be the last time, so you throw everything you have at it just to show them what they’ll be missing from now on. Or what they’ll be having constantly till you’ve both moved on. Break-up sex are the most awesome sex you can ever have.
Do you agree with this list? Drop your opinions…


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