About CnMeister

cnmeister.net, an urban contemporary entertainment and lifestyle web-magazine.

C N are initials which stand for “Chuks Nathaniel”
Meister, Meister means master in German (as in master craftsman, or as an honorific title such as Meister Eckhart). The word is akin to maestro. In sports, Meister is used for the current national, European or world champion (Deutscher Meister, *Europameister, Weltmeister).

Created by IT wiz & Social Entrepreneur – Chuks Amahia; Web-Developer & Digital Marketer – Tobiloba A. Akingbade; & Graphics Maestro – Kazeem Musa of ZEEM DESIGNS. Originally created April 2014, remodeled December, 2016; cnmeister.net© is a Nigerian-based savvy entertainment and lifestyle HOTSPOT.

We deliver up-to-date news and other dependable media daily, subsequent to popular events and trends. We have an eye for talent and industry, hence we also promote budding and established artistes and/or brands..


cnmeister.net is a flagship feature of Meister Republic







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