Checkout This 15 Prophetic Confessions That Will Make You Live Better Than An Average Nigerian


The words you speak before leaving the house every day matter. These confessions go a long way in ensuring that you are guaranteed God’s favour throughout the day.

The men of God that are spirit-filled know the implication of living by bread alone. Going to work daily as a means of providing for your family is not enough. You have to be sure you have the grace and mercies of God hovering over you and guiding you all through.

Prophesying good things into your life would save you from many challenges. You never can tell when the good things will be manifested, thus, we have compiled some beautiful confessions you can make each day before stepping out.

Men of God use these as their armour. Even if you do not have the time to do your early morning devotion, do not forget to speak these words before leaving your house and starting the hustle.

Find below some of the daily confessions you can make before leaving the house:

1. Lord go before me and level every mountain

This is an important prayer. Commit the day’s activities into God’s hands and let Him take preeminence. Some men of God use Moses’ line ‘Lord, if you do not go with us or before us, we are not going anywhere.’

2. Lord provide for me

The essence of struggling everyday is to meet up with the demands of your family members. This prayer is one that shows total dependence on God. Abraham said it and it happened.

3. I won’t let go of you until you bless me

This was Jacob’s line. Men of God speak it when they are pushed to the wall and expect God to reach out to them. This prayer is all about perseverance. Do not give up on God.

4. The joy of the Lord is my strength

Many Nigerians pray with this line by singing. This line came from Nehemiah. It is a prayer of faith which has the ability to restore peace to your troubled soul and help you get through the day without any glitch.

5. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want

When things become messy and you become unsure of yourself, then you can remind God of His promises to you. If God is your shepherd, you should never experience hunger or be in want. Claim it now!

6. This is the day the Lord has made…

Making this confession before leaving your house is a good way of reassuring yourself. ‘This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.’ Speaking this line will help you have a good spirit all day.

7. Trust in the Lord oh my soul, lean not on your own understanding

Solomon came up with this line. In his time, there was not a man as wise as him. Yet, he had this prayer point. Reciting this prayer everyday will give you a new approach to things.

‘Trust in the Lord oh my soul, lean not on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”

8. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper

In need of safety? Then this prayer should never be far from your lips. Use words this these to seek God’s protection for you and your family.

9. The Lord has plans to prosper me and not to fail me

This is a beautiful confession you should endeavor to make daily. When things go bleak, the line ‘the plans you have for me are those of good and not of evil’ will come to your rescue and put you in a good frame of mind.

10. I will arise and shine for my glory has come

Isaiah had lots of prophetic prayers and confessions. You can let this be your lifestyle too; however, do not forget to give thanks when you start to shine.

11. We will not bow down to any image but will serve only the Lord

If you say this line everyday, then your strength will be renewed when the storms of life rise. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had a fierce time in the furnace yet they were determined to serve God. Do not let the economic situation change your faith.

12. All the dry bones in my life, rise again

No matter the situation, make this declaration and see what will happen after all. Command every good thing that has gone dry in your life to rise and live again. Ezekiel made this prophetic prayer.

13. I will cast all my burdens upon the Lord for He cares

It is important for you to recite this prayer daily so that you can know when to let God take over. Entrust all to Him and watch the turn of event. Remember Jabez’ line ‘Oh that you may bless me and enlarge my territory.’ Let this be your watchword too.

14. The Lord will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory

This prophetic prayer will help you live well above your peers. It comes from an understanding of living by grace as your salary may never be enough. Only God can meet you at the point of your needs.

15. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

This confession will help you to be positive at all times. This was Joshua’s resolution, make it yours too and refuse to develop high blood pressure over the state of things in the nation.


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