#IMP April: “Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain” – Perpetua

    Perpetua Ohacho, royal roots FM, R292.9 FM, OAP, radio, media, entertainment, television
    Perpetua Ohacho OAP, R292.9 FM

    IMP – IMPERIAL MEISTER PRINCE/PRINCESS – is one of the highest forms of eulogy/recognition conveyed by Meister Republic.

    It is borne out of sheer respect, appreciation and admiration for the person (their personality and craft) headlining at the time.

    #IMP is designed for a select category ofctively good-looking and are actively contributing to the development of their immediate community either through their handiwork or other worthwhile endeavour. In short, #IMP seeks to honour youths with beauty & brains.

    Checkout out our #IMP, April Edition;

    Radio personalities today are not just regular OAPs as we perceive them. The jet-age OAPs do more than just introduce and discuss genres of music; host talk radio shows that may take calls from listeners; interview celebrities or guests; or give news, weather, sports, or traffic information. Sometimes, a radio personality may broadcast live or use voice-tracking techniques, increasingly in the 2010s, radio personalities are expected to supplement their on-air work by posting information online, such as on a blog or on another web forum. This may be either to generate additional revenue or connect with listeners. With the exception of small or rural radio stations, much of music radio broadcasting is done by broadcast automation, a computer-controlled playlist airing MP3 audio files which contain the entire program consisting of music, commercials and a radio announcer’s pre-recordednd a radio announcer’s pre-recorded comments.

    Due to radio personalities’ vocal training, opportunities to expand their careers often exist. Over time a radio personality could be paid to do voice-overs for commercials, television shows, and movies.

    However, in recent times we have passionate OAPs who lend their voices to worthy causes, adding value to society and expanding their horizons in multiple ways and our April feature is no different.

    It isn’t everyday one walks into a gorgeous radio princess.

    Our #IMP April edition, Perpetua Ebunoluwa OHACHO, is a quintessence of hard work and devotion. In this virtual interview with our editorial team she talks about her journey in the media and entertainment industry and her extreme distaste towards rape.

    The Ijebu-Ode born native of Ihiala. Anambra State is the first of 9 children. Recalling an eventful childhood in south-western Nigeria, practically born and bred in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, completing both her primary and secondary education therein. She graduated from Anglicans Girls’ School, Ijebu-Ode in 2007 and went on to gain admission into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to study English and Literary Studies December 2008, majoring in English, obviously.

    When we sought to know if wedding bells will be ringing anytime soon, she was a lil hush hush about it.

    “How about I remain silent on that, it’s a little personal”, she said.

    The amiable spinster will give nearly anything for a steamy dish of Amala and ewedu any time, any day.

    CnMeister: You were christened “Oyinyechukwu” at birth, why did you feel the need to change your name to “Ebunoluwa”?

    I grew up in the south-west, I love the south-west, so typically at some point I told my parents I needed change my name to a Yoruba name, owing largely to the fact that I moved to a new school and people started asking for the meaning of “Oyinyechukwu”, I just felt it was better to change my name to “Ebunoluwa” to avoid such questions. That was when I changed my name from “Oyinyechukwu” to “Ebunoluwa”.


    CnMeister: How did you get into media and broadcasting?

    I first gained recognition in church. I belonged to some youth groups and participated actively. I was usually called upon to anchor programs and give announcements, along the line my voice warmed its way into the hearts of many. They’ll often ask “who’s that Perpetua girl”. Some said my voice sounded like that of a air-hostess. So that encouraged me to further on along that line professionally. I always thought about myself as a good broadcaster.

    “Sometimes, I’ll pick up scripts or read out text I saw on billboards”, she recalls.

    By and by, February 2013 I walked into NTA, Ijebu-Ode, told them I would like to work with them, definitely it was for free. It was voluntary service. A month later I started taking the news. I worked there from February, 2013 – June, 2013 when I got a paying job in Lagos.So I moved from Ijebu-Ode to Lagos where I was handling Energy this Week which was being aired on Channels television by an independent producer at the time. I was there for about 8 months.

    2014 came around and I was called up for service. I was posted to Lokoja, Kogi State. Meanwhile I had pressure from my parents to work my service back to Lagos so I could continue with my job, believe you me, I don’t believe in such, I believe whatever or wherever I find myself God will give me His best. I joined OBS as a corps member during which I also caught the attention of many. I got a whole lot of encouragement from people, this made me decide to go look for a media house after camp. I was posted to a polytechnic for my primary place of assignment; I was to serve as an assistant lecturer but then I made my way to one of the best… scratch that, the best media house in Lokoja – Confluence Cable Networks, owners of CTV and \Grace FM, Lokoja.

    Yeah, it took a little while before I was fully accepted, I had to show them some of my videos while at Channels Tv, with the kind of production quality of the videos there is barely no one I would show them to and still get turned down. Eventually someone resigned, a corps staff and I was taken in as a corps member. I served as a reporter, a news caster on television and I had my personal program which I was presenting and producing – Youth Alive, specifically meant for Christian youths. Now service ran from 2014 to 2015, after service I was retained owing to another resignation. You know its like God just has a way of pushing people out and placing me in their stead, Of course when such people resign they often go to higher places, you know.

    So the station manager at the time recommended to the Human Resources department that I be retained. Note that before I met with HR someone had advised me to choose the radio station over television and that’s what I told the HR personnel when I was asked, she accepted, all initialization formalities and protocols were observed and that was how I started radio full time. So its safe to say I started radio in 2015, but media generally February, 2013.

    Television for me was between 2013 and 2016, I said that because while I was at Confluence Cable Networks, Lokoja, even though I was primarily on the radio station I still took the Primetime News on the television station and concurrently running my program. That was how it all began, then June, 2016, I got another job at Royal Roots FM (R2-92.9FM). So July, 2016 I had to resign from Confluence Cable Networks and moced down here to Ibadan, From then till date I’ve been at R2-92.9FM. That’s basically my media journey so far – started from church, from friends who believed in me, and because of the confidence I had I walked into places and the rest is history.

    CnMeister: Your role model…

    Who is my role model? Wow! That’s a pretty big question you know, I’m sorry but I don’t really think I have one. Maybe If you had confined it to a particular industry it would’ve helped.

    “Oh! oh! oh!”, she exclaims, there is this woman in my church, she’s not necessarily my role model yeah, she’s just someone I would love to mentor me.

    On the subject of role models, I can’t just pick one person, I’ve many people I look at and pick one good thing or the other from

    CnMeister: If you were not an OAP what will you be doing?

    “If I were not an OAP what would I be doing?” Hmmmn, when I was in school I had customer service in mind, I had lecturing in mind. So if I wasn’t an OAP, I would be doing customer care and this other thing… IVR – Interactive Voice Responsem those were the two things I really liked.

    CnMeister: Favourite OAP in Ibadan and Naija

    My favourite OAP in Ibadan is Ronke Giwa and this isn’t just about her voice, it’s more about her passion, what she believes in, you know, her selfless campaign for girls, I love things like that. I admire people who are not just into media for fame, I love people who lend out their voice, people who’re doing something worthwhile, something that impacts life and who’ve something more to offer.

    As for Nigeria, ermmm, I’d say Adenike Oyetunde of Nigeria Info. Her story, the fact that she’s a cancer survivor and she’s so invested in project Nigeria. The fact that each time she has an opportunity to speak to people she talks about how her life, her story has been about God. Each time I listen to her I learn something new. She really inspires me.

    CnMeister: What’s your definition of success?

    “What’s my definition of success?” She repeats the question for clarity in typical Perpetua style.

    I believe success generally is when you have set goals and you’re able to achieve those goals and even surpass them. I’d like to note that success is relative in terms of what we pursue. We should always make sure we’re pursuing the right things, because if one is after something that is not right, even if it is achieved, that’s neither success nor failure, to me its just crime. So success to me asides being able to set a goal and achieve it, is setting a right or positive goal and achieving it. Something that is productive and benecial – to you or even the society.

    CnMeister: How do you handle advances from the male folk?

    That’s no bog deal. “mi o se ko gba”

    It’s just about being firm, standing your ground at the same time being polite and nice. I think the word i’m looking for is diplomacy. This way you’re not loosing friendship, you’re not severing relationship, you just make things clear from the beginning. It’s not a problem for me.

    CnMeister: What’s your take on rape, especially with respect to infant girls

    When we talk about rape, its a very terrible thing and to think that its already becoming a regular headline in Nigeria. You hear cases of Fathers raping their daughters, cases of Fathers getting their daughters pregnant, you see cases of step-fathers doing despicable things. Its terrifying. And then you begin to ask yourself – “What about the laws that we have?” “What about the Child Rights Act?” What has happened to all of that.

    You know in all of these, what really gets me furious and so appalled is that after the report of these incidences some people now make it a family affair rather than prosecute the offender(s) and get to the root of the matter, they make it a round table discussion and attempt to settle it within themselves forgetting that someone is hurting deep, forgetting what the poor girl is going through. I’ve had cases where some victims went as far as committing suicide because they just couldn’t handle it. Its a lot to absorb when somebody forces themselves on you, how much more when its a small innocent child. Do you know what it feels like when someone overpowers you and has canal knowledge of you? Do understand the humiliation? Do you understand the weakness? Its just terrible. I don’t understand how anyone could keep quiet about such a thing. Also, Mothers need to be careful who they expose their daughters and female wards to and they need to be very observant too.

    Sometimes, girls are too ashamed to report these incidences, because I know how it feels, yeah its humiliating but you’re a victim and you’re on the right side of the law so you should be bold to report such so that the perpetrators can be duly punished so it can serve as deterrent to others thinking to do something like that. Thing is, nobody is stigmatizing you, its only a figment of your imagination.

    Seriously if it were left to me I’d say perpetrators should be punished with life imprisonment. Because for an adult man to determine in his mind that the best move he can take is to rape a girl/lady, I think it is a mental illness, yes, some kind of psychological dysfunction.

    Checking the statistics, you will observe that about 6 out of every 10 girls you see on the streets has experienced some kind of physical or sexual abuse or the other before clocking 18 years. It is very pathetic.

    CnMeister: What disciplinary action do you suggest the government should take to bring perpetrators to book?

    I think Nigeria already has a Child Rights Act, but thing is not all states in the country have domesticated this rights act. We have a law already, it should be upheld.

    It is a good one here in Oyo State, we have it domesticated, we have a body handling such issues.

    So first thing should be to get all the 36 states to domesticate the Child Rights Act after which we do some awareness to educate and enlighten our girls and women, set up accessible reach out and complaints channels.

    Next we need proper and thorough implementation of these laws, this is key.

    Four, parents should learn to speak out because if they don’t how do other stakeholders or cause-bearers know what is going on? How will they do their job?

    If no report is made, who is to say that paedophile is only interested in your daughter? You see, so not reporting actually gives him the leverage to continue ruining other girls’ lives, getting away with it because no one is willing to speak.

    Left to me the punishment for rape should be very high, like I said earlier perpetrators should be sentenced with life imprisonment. Before you think I’m wicked, imagine an adult man, say 40-year old to think of raping a 16-year old or younger girl,that is insane. I mean some of these girls even die in the act, isn’t that man-slaughter?

    For clarity, I feel the law should be more stringent, that’s just how I feel.

    CnMeister: Besides being an OAP, what else do you do?

    Besides being an OAP, I am a voice over artist, I also anchor events, typically cooperate events.

    I also have a passion for kids, I don’t run an NGO or anything but whenever people are doing things related to that, I support them either by participating personally or donating something.

    CnMeister: In your opinion, does being an OAP in Nigeria pay the bills?

    Well well, it depends on how fat your bills are. Basically, it depends on where you work; we have some big media houses that have been around for a while, you will naturally expect those to pay higher. We also have some who’re just starting or just 2 or 3 years in the game, owing to that they may pay relatively less, but still try as much as possible to make their people happy.

    One thing is, “Godliness with contentment is great gain”.

    If you know what you’re doing you can manage your resources wisely without hiccups

    CnMeister: Any advice to aspiring OAPs

    One of the things I ask people who tell me they want to become OAPs is – what do you have to offer? That’s #1 for me. It is not just about having a good voice, having a good voice is great mind you but there is so much beyond that. You need to have something more tangible you’re bringing to the table. You want to be known for something worthwhile not just being lukewarm.

    Another thing is, who you are affects your personality on radio. If you’re not an interesting person it’ll be difficult to engage people on air, hence you need to work on yourself and be known for something. Develop a passion for something. Personally, at the end of each of my sessions on-air I evaluate myself – you know like, “Who or what sect of people did I impart today?”, “What new thing did people learn from me today” and so on. You should also be unique in your field so daily people can take something home by listening to you.

    See more of Perpetua after the cut;


    Editor’s Remark: Perpetua is a delight to converse with. With an interesting knack for often repeating questions after being asked and making funny gestures. We had fun doing this.


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