Kids and Teens Summer Camp 2017


    What are your Kids and Teens doing this summer? 

    We would recall from teachings of old that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” hence,  it is dangerous to leave a young mind idle.
    Get them signed up for our Kids and Teens Summer Camp which begins: 

    31st July to 11th August, 2017  (1st batch)

    and 21st August to 1st September, 2017 (2nd Batch)

    They will be participating in practical classes, learning things like; 

    Baking and pastries, continental cuisines,  mocktails, smoothies,  Nigerian soups,  Stew and sauces, table etiquette,  kitchen hygiene and lots more. 

    Classes will hold Monday to Friday from 9 – 2pm daily. 
    Venue: Brick House,  Ikolaba Estate,  Bodija,  Ibadan. 
    The first 3 people to register get a 10% discount. 

    For more information call us – 07081159269 or message us via whatsapp on 08082056775.

    Enroll your kids,  teens and wards now!!!


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