Matjerriee thoughts | Cobhams – Empty [Review]



Cobhams – Empty

When you hear Cobhams, you associate it with good music, over the years he’s proven why he is a force and let me say that he further cemented his place with Empty.

If you’re about to release your debut album I strongly recommend you release a song like Empty as the lead single and you garner people’s attention. First impression the song gave me was the dope, captivating and enticing intro instrumental, it was enough to take me through the song even if you’re not a fan of Cobhams (but seriously, can you not be a fan?). I also loved how his vocals were not fluctuating, he found his comfort zone and stuck with it, good lyrics but he could have done better.

The production of this work is classic. Looking for that perfect song to propose? Just have the DJ play you Empty. Great piece of work by Cobhams. For me, it’s a 4/5.

In case you missed it, Download Here

                                                                                                    –   Matjerriee



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