More Like #BlackPanther In The New @KugaliMedia #KugaliKickstarter


    Kugali Kickstarter is put together by the mighty Kugali (, the online platform for African comics, art and animation bringing you the best African stories since 2015.

    An anthology showcasing the best African stories. These stories pay homage to the past, embrace the present and imagine the future.

    The Kugali Kickstarter is a 200 full colour pages of 6 amazing stories from 15 incredibly talented creators with two wonderfully designed covers. But above all: a comic book experience you won’t find anywhere else!

    From multiple award-winners to the brightest up-and-coming voices, Kugali has united some of the most talented artists across the African continent and diaspora. The new Kugali Kickstarter creators hail from across Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Senegal, Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda) and other parts of the world (Venezuela, Brazil, Jamaica, the US and the UK).

    With just 14 Days to go and amazing gifts awaiting for you, Learn More and Support this Kickstarter here

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