[RECIPE 3] Yam Pottage (“Ebe”)


In yam pottage the size of the yam depends on individual taste. Some prefer to have the lumps of yam whole or broken, while some prefer to mash the yam to make a thick yam pottage.


1 medium-sized yam 1/2 tuber of yam
1 big onion
4 serving spoon cooking vegetable oil or palm oil
1 pepper (chiloes) chopped
3 tbs crayfish/3tbs dry prawn
Fresh meat 1/2kg
2 mwdium tomatoes
1/4tsp curry, thyme or mixed herbs
2 cups of water

  • First Method

Cut the meat into medium-sized cubes and rinse with warm water. Put the meat cubes in a saucepan, add spice and salt to taste, cook till soft. Keep the stock (broth) in a separate bowl. Fry the meat in deep oil. Add 3 cups of water to the meat stock and bring to boil.

Slice the yam, peel and rinse in cold water. Cut the yam into pieces and add to the stock. Leave to cook until the yam is almost soft, blend the pepper, onion and tomato and add to the cooking ingredients together with fried meat and crayfish or dried prawn. Stir and cook on low heat for about 15minutes. Stir and taste for salt, if need be more salt may be added, but must be dissolved in 1tb of water before adding to the mixture.

  • Second Method

Rinse and spice meat, add half an onion and boil. Once cooked, fry in a deep pan. Blend the onion, tomatoes and pepper, then add to the beef stock (broth). Add the oil and continue to cook. Slice and rinse the yam and chop it into the cooking ingredients. Cook on low heat and allow the yam to cook with moist consistency. Serve hot or warm.

N.B: For a richer taste, you can use goat or lamb meat instead of cow meat.


Watch this space for another yummy West African delicacy this time next week..


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