Republicans! See Top 12 Facts You Need To Know About sperm


    Every man takes pride in the fact they have healthy sperm and can actually get their women pregnant, but not many men know much about their swimmers.

    Here’s everything you need to know about those little swimmers.

    When a guy ejaculates millions and millions of sperm shoot out, even though it takes just one to fertilise an egg.

    Men produce at least 1,500 sperm cells every second meaning they have a constant supply under their belts.

    While you might be familiar with the basics, there are plenty of weird and wonderful facts about sperm that everyone should know.

    We spoke to Dr Seth Rankin, the founder of London Doctors Clinic, to get the low-down on mens’ seed.

    In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, he said: “According to recent research, 8.47pm is officially the time when most Brits will have s*x.

    “At this moment millions of litres of bodily fluids will be simultaneously launched across the nation and yet, beyond the basics, most of us know very little about this life-giving substance we will be sharing.

    “Indeed, given sperm plays such a big part in our lives, it’s amazing we don’t know more about it.”

    Here are Dr Seth’s top fascinating 12 facts about semen:

    1. Sperm can live for up to five days in the vagina

    While your sexual stamina may have only lasted for a few moments, the chances are your sperm will out perform you by hours, days and even weeks. So, unless you are trying for a baby stay protected.

    2. Some women are allergic to sperm

    In some cases, sperm can cause an allergic reaction in women – causing redness, swelling and itching.

    This is sometimes called semen allergy or seminal plasma hypersensitivity. It is rare though so gents if the lady isn’t returning your calls – this probably isn’t the reason.

    3. Smoking, bacon and cheese is bad for your sperm

    If procreation is the name of the game then it’s time to hit the gym, put down the burger and get your diet back on track. A healthy body means healthy sperm.

    4. It takes 74 days to grow sperm

    Even though most men produce millions of new sperm every day – it takes two to three months for them to reach full maturity.

    When they are originally formed, they can’t swim or fertilise and egg – the sperm regeneration cycle takes about 74 days.

    5. Most sperm of deformed

    It’s a well-worn fact that there are around 200million sperm in the average male ejaculation – but did you know that many sperm are born with two heads or a crooked tail.

    6. One ball is enough

    If the man loses a ball, the other one should produce enough sperm to make procreation possible. Thankfully, this news didn’t make it into Hitler’s bunker.

    7. Every day enough sperm is ejaculated to fill 11.82 swimming pools

    The typical man ejaculates about half a teaspoon. According to some internet research threads, if 2.342 billion of age males ejaculated they could fill 11.82 swimming pools – or one about every two hours and two minutes.

    8. Sperm don’t like it hot

    A man’s testicles are about 7 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the rest of his body – which is right for producing healthy sperm.

    Spending too much time in the hot tub can boil your sperm – like eggs.

    9. Men need to regularly climax to have healthy sperm

    Studies have shown that men who ejaculate four or more times a month have better sperm morphology. Infrequent ejaculation can lead to reduction in sperm turn over, which can damage them.

    10. WiFi could be damaging your sperm

    In 2012 researchers published a study suggesting WiFi frequencies could be damaging sperm (previously it was thought it was heat from laptops that may be having an impact).

    Although contested, the study suggested men should avoid having their laptops directly on their laps.

    11. Marvel should make a movie about sperm

    Sperm are superhero like in their ability. They can melt the surface of a female egg by releasing enzymes from their head. When the sperm fuses, it ditches its tale to create a new life.

    12. Female sperm are stronger than male sperm

    Sperm comes in both genders and can carry the X and Y chromosome. According to studies the female sperm is stronger – meaning it’s more likely to get pregnant by a female swimmer.


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