President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday December 16, 2016 eventually gave out his daughter, Zahra Muhammadu Buhari, in marriage to Ahmed Indimi after previously canceling the marriage slated for December 4, 2016 indefinitely owing to the over expensive gifts, the media hype and most especially the exorbitant amount of expenses which was suggestive of the “one week long” wedding fathia. Well, what do you expect when our daddy anti – corruption is involved?

Nigerian elite class (politicians, government supported businessmen like Dangote, the oil moguls like Otedola and the father of our groom Muhammed Indimi) never fail to disappoint the common Nigerian man, that is, the non – elite. One would ask himself that so even after the refusal of Mr. President to give out his daughter on the basis of high class, expensive wedding he perceived it was going to be; he still gave her out to a fellow elite; Ahmed Indimi. He is the son of Muhammed Indimi and at least yes, he has a cabal of rich elites as friends too. Well, in Nigeria, will the lite roll with the non – elite? The answer is NO.

Perceived as an apt birthday gift for President Muhammadu Buhari who turned 74 on Saturday, December 17. The new couples were married during a week-long event that included: bridal shower, a grand ball, a henna night, culminating in the Nikkai (wedding ceremony) on Friday December 16, 2016. You begin to wonder that with a long list of these events, what was spent?. Money or Water or PMS? Thousands or millions or hundred millions of naira? And as the presidency said the money used for this wedding ceremony was not tax payers’ money. Well from inside sources, the bride price for Zahra was 12 pieces of gold converted to cash as N250, 000. Well, need I say that N250, 000 is a little modest considering she is elite in herself.

Then came December 17 and the number on citizen turned 74, off course as usual there was a birthday party held at the villa and another exorbitant expenses will surely go with that, not forgetting the crème de la crème of the society because there will surely be no chance for a non – elite; well off course maybe the “President’s Official Photographer” who unfortunately has crossed to the other side (the elite side). Will you say his wedding last year was not part of even fully sponsored by this elite class again? Nigeria, where is the chance to recognize the selfless efforts of the non – elite? Huh!!!

Very long weekend it was indeed and on the 19th of December, the number three citizen, in the person of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki (ABS baba!! #respect) clocked 54 years. Again another grand event would surely have held. As off course, Mr. President felicitated with “Oga Kwara”, “Ogaju 9ja” amidst the pending rift between them eulogizing him as “one of the most influential politicians in Nigeria” Oh really? For a long time, I thought that President Buhari was seriously head bent on pinning down “daddy senate”; well apparently the saying in politics that there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, but permanent interest. Because left to me, hitherto, I see no ground or no basis for Buhari and Saraki to be so cordial, but well what do you expect when we sold our birth right to a fake “ Peoples’ General” as fondly called by Christine Amanpour of the Cable News Network (CNN).



  • Mr. President thought he was fooling a vast majority of Nigerians by cancelling indefinitely the marriage of his daughter to fellow elite which eventually took place. Please who doesn’t like the inter – generational flow of wealth. Will elite marry non-elite?


  • The Nigerian political sphere is one of total disappointment, just when you think there is hope at the end of the tunnel, you find out that there are dirts in the tunnel, that have gotten so hard to remove. Such is the case of Buhari (Mr. Change, Mr. Anti – Corruption) which we yearned badly for; Ex. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to be replaced. Now just maybe the APC manifesto will need to be reviewed?
  • The 2017 National Budget has been presented, a 20% rise from that of the 2016 budget. What impact did the 2016 make on us non – elite? The free meal per day, the N5, 000 unemployed graduate allowance nko?
  • The Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi wedding ceremony had a long week of events which will surely gulp huge sum of money; it was even tagged “celebrity wedding” “all white party”. All these in the midst of the “non – elite” languishing in extreme poverty and hunger owing to the inflation in prices and the non-indexed increase in incomes. Shame, such an insensitive government.
  • All politicians are surely all the same and nothing new should be expected. Change 2015 comes and tells us that we will see new faces in government; well yes, don’t you think Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola, are new faces? At least it was not their real face oh before in Rivers and Lagos state respectively. Political power rotates among the same elite class and their children who have become elite obviously. Let us learn from Ghana on all grounds, the J.K. Rowlings story, the 23 years old Fransisca Oteng – Mensah University student who got elected into legislature. Youngest in the commonwealth.

I await the day Tinubu’s son marries Mr. Lagbaja’s daughter (a decent make-up artist), Sherif daughter marries Arinze’s son (a business man rich legitimately). I mean enough is enough, it is now elite vs. elite, no chance for the non – elite. Oshisco!!!

Mijinyawa I. Mijinyawa
Writer and Reviewer


The “Mijinyawa I. Mijinyawa Series” begins today the 22nd day of December, 2016.

It is basically my opinion on trivia issuesabout our dear country, Nigeria. Issues ranging from the entertainment scene to academics, politics to “edutainment”.

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